C&H Restoration & Renovation, LLC

Specializing in the Restoration & Updating of Historic Homes

  • The Gargoyle House

  • Bolton

  • Lanvale


C & H Restoration and Renovation specializes in the restoration and updating of historic homes. Located in the Station North Arts and Entertainment district in Baltimore, Maryland, C & H Restoration and Renovation is owned and operated by artists Nicholas Cairns and Timothy Horjus. Nick and Tim spent years working both as artists and in the trades prior to forming C & H in 2010.

With a love for historic architecture and detail combined with a thorough knowledge and appreciation of contemporary aesthetics, C & H Restoration and Renovation strives to achieve a seamless integration of old and new. To help achieve this vision, C & H has made it a point to draw their workforce from the artist community in Baltimore, a community with which they are deeply involved. The artists that work with C & H share a strong attachment to craft and understand the need to meet exacting standards. Their diverse backgrounds and skillsets, and appreciation for aesthetic vision, make for a rare collection of artisans who are capable of handling all the challenges that come with restoring and updating historic homes.